The Dragon's Disciples re-release! 

Meet C.N. Faust

C.N. Faust is a writer of lgbt fantasy-horror novels. His primary works are The Dragon's Disciples and The Heretic Priest, both of which are part of "The Age of Waking Death" series. 


C.N. Faust spent six years honing his fantasy writing skills before mustering up the courage to share his work with the world.

Thanks to the undying support of his fiance, his books are now on the market to be enjoyed by fans of fantasy, intrigue, murder, vampires and ... of course ... dragons. 

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Recent Updates

New Cover Art!

The Dragon's Disciples, The Heretic Priest, and The Hollow Living are all seeing some snazzy makeovers with new cover art! This means that The Dragon's Disciples and the Heretic Priest will be undergoing a massive re-release in preparation for The Hollow Living's debut! 

The Dragoloth Compendium

Coming soon ... a sneak peek of The Dragoloth Compendium, a guide to C.N. Faust's world of Dragoloth! 

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